Midtown East Kitchen Remodel

About this project

We helped the Chen family renovate their apartment on Park Avenue. The family wanted to increase the home value by completing a full renovation of their eat-in kitchen. Anna, the project planner, met with the family to capture the vision, timeline and budget. She understood the goal was to modernize the kitchen while improving functionality.

25 December 2021
Kitchen, Entire Apartment
Square feet

Every renovation project starts with the planning phase led by the project planners. At the at-home visit, Anna captured a 360 tour of the kitchen to get accurate measurements and fast-track the project.


The design challenge was to upgrade the kitchen to a modern style while matching the aesthetic of the apartment. The designers worked on several layouts and design visualizations so the Chen family had options. Finally, the choice was made and the family felt confident in their decision.


During the building phase, the renovation team installed additional cooling units and carefully put up the custom, handcrafted wood cabinets. They meticulously placed the artisan marble countertop and concealed appliances to give the kitchen a luxurious look. In order to maximize the space, the kitchen was combined with the dining room for an open concept feel sure to impress.

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