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Established in 2009.

Modern Citi Group represents the premier interior renovation & remodeling company, serving all five boroughs of New York City, and always keeping the prices affordable. Beginning our journey in 2009, we have quickly risen to the distinction of being the one firm that every home or business owner can rely on with their eyes closed. With considerable collective experience under our belt, we are your best choice for any and all renovation and remodeling work. When you choose Modern Citi Group you choose not only the best professionals in the area but also stand to witness your vision become real to the point of perfection.




Modern Citi Group offers a full range of interior design and remodeling services across the five boroughs of New York City
Our dedication to our work and commitment to our clients are what set us apart from the others in the business. We are of the view that renovation and remodeling are not merely construction tasks, but rather the responsibility of bringing our clients vision to fruition. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality makes each project an exercise in the creative inspiration that results in superbly designed homes and commercial spaces.
Working with Modern Citi Group means daily project progression tracking which ensures on-time completion. As we are the all-in-one service company, you don't have to spend time sourcing materials and getting the paperwork done - we handle it all from concept to completion.

Written by: Modern Citi Group