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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Modern Citi Group a licensed, general contractor?
Where does Modern Citi Group operate and serve customers?
How long does a renovation take?
Who do I talk to if problems come up during construction?
Are your contractors licensed & insured?
Can you help with architectural service?

What to Expect

Can I share design ideas or photos with my designer?
How does the board approval process work in New York?
Who handles the building board approval process or HOA?
Do I need to communicate with the subcontractors during construction?

Design-Build Process

What is a ready solution?
How many design revisions do I get?
What should I expect during the construction process?
What happens when the renovation is almost complete?
Can I get samples of materials?
How does the material selection work?

Pricing Transparency

What if I find a lower price for my construction?
Where does Modern Citi Group buy its renovation materials?


How does payment work with Modern Citi Group?
What is the average cost of a bathroom or kitchen renovation?

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