What is a Ready Solution?

A ready solution is a pre-designed, renovation package at a fixed price. You can choose from over 20 options in modern, classic and Scandinavian styles.

Never worry about picking the right tiles, fixtures, or color schemes and risk construction delays. With one decision, you can start your renovation and guarantee it stays on budget and on time.

Modern Interior Design

sleek and practical

Modern design is characterized by its approach for function over fashion with minimalism at its core. You can expect a space free from clutter and unnecessary ornamentation. If you love clean lines and open floor plans, then modern interior style is for you!

Square feet:
Fixed price:
$ 42000
What to Expect with Ready Solutions
One decision. One package.

We mean it when we say, "One decision, one package." Home renovation can be simple and hassle-free when you choose a ready solution. All you have to do is pick a package for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling, and we handle the rest.

Our interior designers and architects hand-picked the materials for each package, so you wouldn't have to! You will never worry about picking the right tiles, fixtures, or color schemes. With one decision, you guarantee your home renovation will stay on budget and on time.

At Modern Citi Group, we prioritize honesty and transparency with all our vendors and valued customers. You can expect an itemized breakdown of the fixed price packages which include materials, permits, architectural plans, and labor costs.
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