East Village Restaurant Remodel

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Modern Citi Group helped Robert complete a complete commercial remodel. With an eye for detail, our team brought to life Robert's vision for a complete renovation of the restaurant. We transformed every aspect of the establishment from the stylish bar area to the two elegantly redesigned dining rooms, a luxurious cigar room, and revamped guest restrooms. The end result? A complete, jaw-dropping remodel that has everyone talking. 

20 December 2022
Dining room
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Every renovation project starts with the planning phase led by the project planners. During the on-site visit, Anna meticulously captured every nook and cranny with a 360-degree tour of the restaurant. This allowed her to gather precise measurements and fast-track the project. She expertly guided Robert every step of the way, providing advice on how to complete the renovation in record time and maximize the return on investment. 

Anna, the project planner, met with Robert to uncover his grand vision for the restaurant, ideal timeline, and budget. Armed with this knowledge, Anna set out to accomplish the impossible: to completely overhaul a commercial space in a short period of time, infusing it with Robert's unique vision while keeping a firm grip on the budget, ensuring the end result was both stunning and financially sound.  


The design challenge was to strike a perfect balance between cohesiveness and individuality. The design team meticulously crafted multiple layouts and design visualizations, each imbued with unique and distinctive touches to distinguish the dining zones providing the client with multiple options to choose from. Robert was the ultimate arbiter of style, carefully reviewing the options and selecting his favorite with confidence. Through collaboration and creativity, the design team brought to life a space that seamlessly blends form and function, and promises to leave a lasting impression on every guest. 


During the renovation stage, the skilled construction crew extended and rebuilt the bar area from the ground up, and expertly restored and refinished architectural elements like exposed brick and columns. The floors were refinished and retiled, ceilings were reframed, tiled, and lit with a combination of ceiling and wall lighting. The walls were finished with decorative microcement, adding texture and depth to the space and creating a luxurious touch that elevated the restaurant's overall aesthetic. 

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