Roosevelt Island Two Bedroom Remodel

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Modern Citi Group remodeled a two-bedroom / two-bathroom apartment in Roosevelt Island.

The new homeowners enjoyed working closely with our design team to create the perfect space. Our designers guided them through the process of choosing materials and the aesthetic that suited them. The project was completed on time, with no issues.

29 December 2023
Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room, Master bedroom, Guest bedroom, Entire Apartment
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During the planning stage of the apartment remodeling project in Roosevelt Island, Modern Citi Group collaborated closely with the new homeowners to ensure a tailored and perfect living space. The two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartment underwent a transformation guided by our expert design team. Together, we navigated the selection of materials and aesthetics that resonated with the homeowners' preferences. The planning process was smooth, resulting in a seamless execution that led to the timely completion of the project, without encountering any issues.


The clients worked closely with the design team to choose materials and the aesthetic they desired. The collaboration between clients and designers was a fun and easy process for all. 


In the construction phase of this 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom remodel, the renovation team executed a comprehensive transformation. The master bathroom underwent a full remodel, while the guest bathroom was revamped. Meticulous attention was given to the kitchen, where a white marble countertop was precisely placed to impart a luxurious aesthetic. The entire apartment saw the revitalization of its hardwood floors through refinishing, complemented by the installation of new baseboards. The collaborative efforts of the renovation team resulted in a fully rejuvenated and aesthetically pleasing living environment.

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