Murray Hill Office Remodel

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Modern Citi Group worked with Robyn on remodeling her newly purchased professional space in Murray Hill. This exciting renovation project included a full remodel of two bathrooms, kitchen, and three offices as well as the main waiting area. The primary objective was to modernize the space for professional aesthetics and functionality while adhering to the strict timeline and budget.

16 August 2023
Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, Entire Apartment
Square feet

Every renovation project starts with the planning phase led by the project planners. During the in-person visit, Anna captured a 360 tour of the space to get accurate measurements and fast-track the project as well as align with the client on their design vision, remodeling priorities and budget. 


The design challenge was to deliver modern aesthetics and functionality for a professional office while keeping the project within budget. The designers worked on several layouts and design visualizations so the client had options. Finally, the choice was made and Robyn felt confident in her decision.


The construction team transformed every corner of the space, breathing new life into it. They replaced the floors, refinished the walls and ceilings, installed new doors and windows, upgraded plumbing and electrical systems, and redesigned the office layout for optimal functionality and flow. Updated closet configuration with custom shelving, light fixtures and sliding barn doors enhanced the ergonomics of the work space.

The newly remodeled kitchen featured sleek matte white cabinetry and stunning quartz countertops, enhancing both functionality and storage. The bathrooms were masterfully renovated with exquisite new tiling, stylish fixtures, and upgraded plumbing and lighting.

In just a few weeks, Modern Citi Group has redefined the old apartment, transforming it into a sophisticated and professional space through this meticulous remodel. The result is a stunning blend of style, comfort, and efficiency. This remodel enhanced both employee satisfaction and new business for Robyn.

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