Upper East Side Apartment Renovation

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We helped Chris & Cinzia complete a full renovation of their three bedroom Upper East Side apartment: master bedroom, guest bedroom, office, living room, hallway, closets, kitchen and two bathrooms. Clients wanted the apartment to feel like their own with a modern style and fresh look.  Matt, the project planner, met with Chris & Cinzia to learn about their vision, ideal timeline and budget. He understood the goal was to modernize the entire apartment while improving functionality and making the apartment more bright & spacious.

03 May 2022
Entire Apartment
Square feet

Every renovation project starts with the planning phase led by the project planners. At the at-home visit, Matt captured a 360 tour of the three bedroom apartment to get accurate measurements and fast-track the project. 


The design challenge was to deliver an upscale aesthetic for the entire apartment at a feasible price. Chris & Cinzia wanted to open up their space, make it brighter, and also focus on making sure they have a lot of closet space. The designers worked on several layouts and design visualizations so they had options. Finally, the choice was made and the family felt confident in their decision.


Once the permits were filed and approved, the full apartment renovation began.  During the building phase, the construction team renovated two bathrooms, completely reconfigured closets in all rooms, and made layout changes. They meticulously placed the exquisite and unique, Calacatta Classique quartz to serve as a floating countertop with waterfall on both sides, and backsplash slab, to give the kitchen a luxurious look. In order to maximize the space, the kitchen was opened up towards the dining area for an open concept that is sure to impress. In a matter of twelve weeks, Chris & Cinzia had a new three bedroom home that fit their style, vision and increased their home value for future resale.

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