Jersey City Two Bedroom Remodel

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Modern Citi Group recently completed this remarkable condo renovation project in Jersey City, tailored to meet the distinct tastes of a homeowner seeking a space that exudes feminine charm and personalized elegance. This full renovation included a complete overhaul of the look of this home, incorporating the client's very specific desires. Our design team worked closely with the client to ensure the alignment of vision and brought to life the dreams of the client. 

25 November 2023
Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room, Master bedroom, Guest bedroom
Square feet

Every renovation project starts with the planning phase led by the project planners. At the at-home visit, Anna captured a 360 tour of the apartment to get accurate measurements and fast-track the project. As the project progressed, the client was able to keep track of costs and enjoy simulations on her client dashboard. The planning process went smoothly, and the client was very happy with the results. 


To achieve this feminine look, bespoke light fixtures and carefully selected wallpaper were installed to create a refined ambiance. Going above and beyond, the project also incorporated cutting-edge technology, including a smart toilet and bidet.  Every inch of space in the home reflects the client's exact desires and taste. 


This comprehensive endeavor focused on transforming the residence, encompassing a full-scale renovation of the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The team meticulously refinished the floors, ceilings and walls - integrating elements that resonated with the homeowner's vision for a space that harmoniously blends femininity, class, and timeless elegance. 

The end result is a meticulously crafted home that not only reflects the homeowner's individual style but also stands as a testament to Modern Citi Group's commitment to delivering sophisticated and personalized living spaces

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