Midtown East Alcove Studio Remodel

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Modern Citi Group helped Jane in remodeling her alcove studio in Midtown East. This comprehensive renovation project included a full remodel of the bathroom and kitchen, as well as updates to all rooms and closets. The primary objective was to modernize the apartment while aligning it with the family's lifestyle and needs. 

29 March 2024
Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room, Den
Square feet

Every renovation project starts with the planning phase led by the project planners. At the at-home visit, Anna captured a 360 tour of the apartment to get accurate measurements and fast-track the project. As the project progressed, the client was able to keep track of costs and enjoy simulations on her client dashboard. The planning process went smoothly, and the client was very happy with the results. 


The design challenge was to deliver modern aesthetics and functionality while keeping the project within budget. The designers worked on several layouts and design visualizations so they had options. Finally, the choice was made and the family felt confident in their decision.


The construction team completely revamped the kitchen, which featured new two-tone cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, elegant Vivid White quartz countertops, and Aria tile backsplash and flooring. Kitchen design finishes echoed the ones in the bathroom creating a cohesive modern look.

Bathroom remodel included converting the tub to a shower, installing a modern wall-mounted vanity, and replacing all fixtures. The shower area showcased an accent black & white Astoria wall tile, perfectly complemented by the subtle stone-looking Aria Ice porcelain tile on the floors and walls in the rest of the bathroom.

In just eight weeks, Jane and her family received a beautifully renovated, modern apartment with a cohesive style and finishes that fit their lifestyle and expectations.

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